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Secure your premises with
Facial Recognition Solution

A powerful Computer Vision based Facial Recognition solution which secures your premises and sends an alert as soon as any unauthorized person gets detected in the surveillance camera



Facial Recognition for School

AEYE Group provides an immediate alert as soon as it detects unauthorized personnel in the camera. Also, it takes real-time attendance of all students. 


Facial Recognition for Factory and Corporate

Our solution provides accurate number of hours that workers are spending in the factory with Time-in and Time-out report. This also covers number of breaks 


Facial Recognition for Bank

You don't have to ask for an ID from your customer. Our Facial Recognition solution recognized the customer and pulls up the required information on to the screen. It also alerts for the suspicious customers who are registered in central database.


About Us

AEYE Group is a trusted biometric and AI-based company for Facial Recognition Solution. Our aim is to create secured environments by identifying unauthorized personnel on the premises. AEYE Group delivers exactly what our customer needs - Security, Data Privacy and Accuracy.

Privacy and data security of our customers are most important for us. We use industry-standard cloud-based solutions to secure our data and Images. Our algorithm detects and recognized authorized and unauthorized persons between 95% to 100% accuracy.